Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello everyone, i havent been on here since November 7 and yes time flys but not alot has happened for us.  We had our pre-construction meeting that day and was told we were going to break ground on November 21 and they didnt break ground til Nov 26 things went fast for that week, in that time they dug our hole poured our foundation, so we were really excited then there was a hault, they havent done anything in 2 good weeks and when i say 2 good weeks i mean we had good weather. We live in the Cleveland area so by this time we average 30 degrees and we have been averaging like 50 degree weather, so i feel like they are wasting precious time. I went past there Tuesday December 11 because they said we were going to have the lumber delivered and nope no lumber but actually dropped of our tubs i was a little concerned only because the gentlemen who was delivering them said it thought it was kinda early to be delivering them, that the houses are at least framed when he comes to deliver the tubs. :(  so i have been bummed out because the process seems slow for us. So finally 2 days after promised our lumber was delivered Thursday, and when we passed Today Monday and saw they started the framing so hopefully by the end of the week we can see some exciting things happening!

At the beginning of this process they gave us a tentative finish date to be Feb 21 and they will give us a more accurate date at our pre-dry wall meeting but when my husband talk to our PM he said we are now looking for a week later which to me means the first week of March,  i really honestly am not rushing them beacuase of course i want things done right and i dont want to get on their bad side and the biggest reason im not rushing them is because we have had our house that we currently live in on the market since the beginnig of september and we still havent sold it and that is my MAIN concern right now.  Hopefully once the holidays pass we will get more traffic thru our home and get it sold

I hope people are actually seeing, reading and following my blog because i would love some feedback, i would like to know if anyone else was or is selling their current home while building their Ryan Home, how long did it take to sell?  If you havent sold yet are you getting traffic???  i thought by now we would have an offer but nope just a few people looking but no offers  :( 

so please give me some i try to explore thus blog thing and figure it out i will try to post pics of our progress so far,  hope to hear from fellow bloggers soon :)