Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So i called my slaes rep today and expressed that i wasnt comfortable with my fixtures being bronze and my knobs and stuff being finished nickel and she said we could change it but not without paying the $150....i just dont understand what the $150 is for, i asked her and her response was "that is the change fee"  its so annoying but i guess im just going to have to pay for it, i have a feeling from reading some of these blogs its the beginning of things that will annoy me.....

Also i forgot to add that when we met with our PM he didnt give us a specifc date to break gound he said "we will break ground by the end of the month if all goes well and we get our permits on time"  he says the city we are building in likes to take their time and are very strict so hopefully that works in our favor.  he gave us a projected finish date to be 2/21/2013, so im hoping all goes well and on time.

when we met with our PM i got a good feeling about him, but i guess time will tell!!!  Can anyone give me some pointers that i can look out for to save me from headache????  i would love some input...i almost feel like im talking to

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello everyone, so last night we had our first meeting with our project mangager and of course our sales rep, everyhting went well i really like our project manager and hope it stays that way :)
 Of course i expected it to be no problems because its just reviewing what we already have talked about, but no there is one thing and i am a little uncomfortable with and really need some feedback.  when we were going over things they told me i had picked my light fixtures to be the bronze and the door knobs and faucets to be the nickel finish, i was taken by surprise by that because i am such a "matchy-matchy person" i told them there must b a mistake because i would of course want them to match.....long story short if i want it changed it is going to be $150 to change.  i think its crazy and not sure what to do.  i like them both and it can go either way i just want them to match, not sure how my light fixture in the bathroom would look if my faucet is a diffrent color.............what do you guys think????????????????

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finally!!!! I started my blog!!!! yay me!!!!! so bare with me this is my first time blogging so lets see how this works out for me.

 I decided to start a blog about building our home because of how helpful everyones blogs have been to me. so here goes................

this blog is being started a little late, we signed our purchase agreement back on August 10, 2012 and ever since then so much has happened.  our closing date was suppose to be January 21, 2012 and is now February 21, 2012 but it was my own fault.  when we went fo the first time we absoltley loved the Verona which was the model home but they were giving great deal for a Palermo but after looking into it wanted more space so we were refered to the Ravenna and went to see that model and fell in love with that one so we went ahead with purchasing that one which i was 85% happy with. The reason i say i was only 85% happy is because it was very important to me to have a "grand entrance"  and the ravenna didnt have that but had everytthing else i wanted, but i kept reading blogs and stalking the ryan homes website and there she was the "perfect" home that i would b 100% happy with.  our sales rep was not to thrilled abbout us changing everything so last minute but hey she isnt the one that is going to live in this house!!!! right????

I will be posting as much as i can, i hope to get alot of to u guys soon