Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hello everyone, so last night we had our first meeting with our project mangager and of course our sales rep, everyhting went well i really like our project manager and hope it stays that way :)
 Of course i expected it to be no problems because its just reviewing what we already have talked about, but no there is one thing and i am a little uncomfortable with and really need some feedback.  when we were going over things they told me i had picked my light fixtures to be the bronze and the door knobs and faucets to be the nickel finish, i was taken by surprise by that because i am such a "matchy-matchy person" i told them there must b a mistake because i would of course want them to match.....long story short if i want it changed it is going to be $150 to change.  i think its crazy and not sure what to do.  i like them both and it can go either way i just want them to match, not sure how my light fixture in the bathroom would look if my faucet is a diffrent color.............what do you guys think????????????????

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