Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So i called my slaes rep today and expressed that i wasnt comfortable with my fixtures being bronze and my knobs and stuff being finished nickel and she said we could change it but not without paying the $150....i just dont understand what the $150 is for, i asked her and her response was "that is the change fee"  its so annoying but i guess im just going to have to pay for it, i have a feeling from reading some of these blogs its the beginning of things that will annoy me.....

Also i forgot to add that when we met with our PM he didnt give us a specifc date to break gound he said "we will break ground by the end of the month if all goes well and we get our permits on time"  he says the city we are building in likes to take their time and are very strict so hopefully that works in our favor.  he gave us a projected finish date to be 2/21/2013, so im hoping all goes well and on time.

when we met with our PM i got a good feeling about him, but i guess time will tell!!!  Can anyone give me some pointers that i can look out for to save me from headache????  i would love some input...i almost feel like im talking to

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  1. Hi Adilen,

    We got the bronze packages, there were 3 packages we had to get in order to have everything match... a Lighting package, a doors package, and faucets package... if we wanted all the stuff in your house to match we had to get all three packages... yeah its a pain... We ended up studying the ryan options packages inside and out for hours... I think we ended up knowing more about all the options than our sales rep did :)

    PS. Our PM told us our building permits came in two weeks late... because the guy at the town who gives them out was on vacation.... not sure how believable that is...we definitely found we would need to keep on top of our PM... we recommend being proactive.