Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paint Paint Paint!!!!  So paint or no paint that is the question?  I have contractors scheduled for the day after closing....should I paint or should I wait?


  1. Hi Adlien!

    A lot of people seem to be okay with painting before their 10-month inspection, some have chosen to purchase the paint packages that RH offers which BTW wasn't an option in our community, some have chosen to wait until after their 10-month inspection and some have chosen to paint some rooms.

    Honestly, I prefer to be in a home that is painted because the paint brings warmth to the home. In the past, I have painted before moving our goods into our home. BUT this time, I chose differently for the following reasons:

    1. I want to choose paint colors after I complete or near completion of my interior design for each room.

    2. Our community did not offer the paint package which may have been an option especially since RH would have this paint color available for the 10-month inspection. Honestly, I don't think I would have chosen the package because the colors are probably limited as all the other options.

    3. I have read blogs and have seen pictures of people's home where they have painted prior too the 10-month inspection and had drywall patches where they need to repaint. Personally, I don't want this hassle because you may have to repaint the entire wall(s) in that area because another coat of paint is bound to give the wall a darker shade.

    4. The paint that I love to use at Lowe's is called Brilliant Metals which require two coats of paint in two different colors which gives it a beautiful finish that looks like wall paper. I can't imagine trying to match it up afterwards for the same reason as #3.

    5. We were okay painting our dressing room closets because we had custom closet systems installed which covers the majority of the wall. You can see pictures from my last post called Custom Closet Systems. We also painted the garage because RH leaves that area unfinished and I really did not like looking at the walls with the white patches.

    Hope this helps with your decision.

    PS Turn off the word verification on your blog. It makes bloggers decipher a weird word combination before we can leave our comments. Ughhh. You may get more comments and you will definitely get more comments to your questions if you join more sites.

  2. After all of the drywall issues that we just had at our 30-day inspection... we will definitely not be painting until after the 10-month inspection.

  3. We are waiting until after our ten month, but since that is next month, we don't have much longer to wait. Our service manager's opinion regarding waiting to paint is that sometimes the repairs don't take as well if another finish of paint is used and the repairs are often visible if other paint has been used. It really hasn't been that bad waiting. It's definitely better than having to reprint after the repairs are done and having it not look as good.

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  5. For now we have decided to paint and install crown molding before we move in. My husband found a contractor that will give the same one year warranty RH provides