Sunday, February 17, 2013

hello everyone..... again i write a month later and have so much to talk about, we have our final walk thru this Thursday Feb 21 and i have so many questions and so much to rant and rave about  i really wish i was doing weekly blogs, but i feel like im slacking if i dont post pics for you guys but i had a few questions and concerns so im going to post pics later, sorry ......

Like i said we do our walk thru on Thursday and we went to go see the house today and really not sure how thats going to happen,  in the beginning i said i felt as if they wasted 2 good weeks and when we went today it confirmed they did.  i almost feel as if i am being to picky but i have to keep reminding myself that i have to be because i am building a brand new home and that i am not buying a house that has been lived in.  with that being said there are quite a few knicks and dents and mistakes :(

-kids bathroom vanity door is dented and scratched on one of the doors
-molding isnt flushed in some areas
-by some of the switch plates there holes in the drywall
-Dents and scratches in my beautiful pillars
-2 broken windows
-my arched window in morning room is not smoothly arched, especially comparing it to my beautiful arch for my mudroom entrance.
-placement of basement light fixtures looks horrible.  (could have been easily fixed if they would look at the house as a consumer not a contractor or just used common sense) 
-heater vents have alot of debris that i hope they clean out/vacuum and not just put the vents over them.

those are just some random things im thinking of off the top off my head, i was going to go back tommorow and do my own walk thru so i have my own list and am prepared for my final walk thru on thursday.

i am curious, so what happens when it is closing time and you are not happy with the way things are done in your house???  do you still close becasue i am afraid that once i sign i will be another unhappy ryan home builder who is still waiting for things to get fixed. 

 when you do your final walk thru is that when you do the blue tape??? i am almost feel like i would have went thru a roll of it today :(

and when you put the blue tape how long will it take to fix those problems??

Is there such a thing as being to picky when we our building our homes??

i'm sorry i know i'm all over the place asking questions but so much is going thru my mind right now!!!

p.s....i love my house so far, i absolutley do i'm just concerned with these issues, i cant wait to post pics because its so pretty!!


  1. My suggestion would be to bring all of the issues you mentioned to your PM's attention now so he has plenty of time to fix the issues. We marked up a LOT of drywall issues during our walk-through and most of them were corrected by closing. I say most, because I wonder if all of the drywall stuff got fixed since we've found a bunch more since moving in. Our PM is going to fix our drywall issues at our 30-day inspection, but some PMs make you wait for the 10-month inspection... so be picky NOW because you won't want to look at those issues for months!

    1. Tank you so much for your response, thanks for the support on being picky :) I am hoping to have these issues resolved by closing because I have a paint contractor coming in to paint right after closing, which of course I am now second guessing if paint is a good choice but I don't think I can look at those walls so white for long...

  2. Hi Adilen! I have my pre-settlment walkthrough on 2/21 too! My PM is allowing what he calls a courtesy walkthrough where I can go through and blue tape anything I don't like. Of course, I have been pointing out things as I see them. If you have things that you are not happy with I would point them out immediately.

    I too struggled with thinking I was nit picking and bugging my PM about every little thing but after much support from our fellow bloggers, I finally decided for my 6 figure investment, I'm going to cry and moan about every thing I don't like.

    I will add that some of the small drywall issues like whole and scratches, no doubt will be fixed. My PM even saw things I couldn't see with my own eyes that he wanted fixed.

    Don't be afraid, be picky :)